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WARNING: Some of the educational links change without warning. I apologise, but it is difficult to keep up-to-date with these changes. The Anglia link and the links on resources, techniques and magazines should not provide any problems.

Anglia Polytechnic University: printmakingUndergraduate BA(Hons) printmaking. Situated on the Cambridge campus, the printmaking well equipped studios are noted for the good working atmosphere.

Art Net Magazine

Art Serve

(Australian National University)A large and wide collection of prints.

Arts PortArts magazine

Curwen Press: see Anglia Polytechnic University

Glossary of Prints & Original Graphics TermsGlossary of Prints & Original Graphics Terms

Japanese Ukiyo-e PrintsA fine collection of traditional Japanese woodblock prints.

Jean Eager's printmaking homepageWell worth looking at with a good list of links.

Sonia OrselliWoodcuts; ceramics; International Print Magazine

Loughborough College of ArtUndergraduate printmaking.

Printmaking education; workshops; technique; historydigital printmaking etc.

History of printmaking

MAPMap of this printmaking site

Printworks MagazineA very useful collection of articles which range from printmaking techniques to galleries.

RubensA wonderful and extensive library of prints. You may download but you will now have to pay.

San Francisco State University

Staffordshire UniversityUndergraduate and postgraduate printmaking courses. "From its inception in 1989 as a research centre with a 2 year research fellowship investigating the use of new technologies and printmaking, Staffordshire University has been committed to investigating the way computer related technology has begun to effect Fine Art practices."

The Tamarind InstituteCollectors guide.

World Arts Resources


The BookThe Artist's Book at APU


last updated 29th June 1997